Quality control

SUNCO Production Control System

Development process

We have an experimental facility at Sunco Luggage Co., Ltd. in Japan and examine strength and endurance by testing our products to raise production quality. We also investigate fine quality of product design to think of productivity in order to provide a stable quality of luggage products.

Production stage

We dispatch Japanese staff to our China factory and consignment factory in order to achieve stabilization and improvement of quality at all times for our customers. On each production process from materials to manufacturing the luggage, we monitor severely. We experiment with an endurance test at each stage of production.

To ensure quality and stability, it is necessary to maintain frequent cooperation with the production site. Sunco always keeps on talking with staff people in order to raise the luggage’s quality.

Arrival stage

Sunco checks the quality of luggage on arrival in Japan for sending it on to the customer safely and reliably.

Shipping stage

Sunco has adopted a storage system to ship luggage smoothly to customers. It handles customer orders accurately and promptly.

SUNCO Support System for Customers

Repair section

We repair luggage in our factory by a staff that has special technique for repair work.