Passion for Luggage

Since SUNCO was established over 114 years ago, in 1893, we have continuously been involved in luggage manufacturing and sales.This could not have occurred without the patronage of our customers, and we deeply appreciate their support. Products and sales have been expanding as a result of the boom in overseas travel and we shall maintain our commitment to new and improved luggage technology and to further contribute to society.

March, 2007


Osamu Kuwayama

Osamu Kuwayama

  Eiichi Kuwayama

Eiichi Kuwayama

Corporate philosophy

Management Philosophy,Mission Statement

Mission and vision

Missoin and vision
We must ensure that SUNCO LUGGAGE becomes the premier luggage company in the world. Our company must be an asset to our customers, employees and partners.
SUNCO LUGGAGE must always meet customer expectations by offering constantly improving products and taking customer satisfaction to the highest levels.
SUNCO LUGGAGE sees itself as belonging to the service industry and as such, provides security and comfort to its customers. Our quality control standards are rigorously enforced at every stage of product development, from design and sample creation to production and delivery. We provide more than just luggage; we also ensure a feeling of comfortable and secure travel.
SUNCO LUGGAGE is in the forefront of technical innovation. We are never satisfied with "yesterday's technology" and our record of technical innovation is unsurpassed in the industry.
SUNCO LUGGAGE is striving to become the most admired name in luggage throughout the world. We are a global enterprise, able to adapt to customer needs and expectations anywhere and at anytime.